The Water that Rises


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I take a long walk on the harbor
on a cloudless night in November
gazing at the starlight without you

Some nights have spectral beauty
they hold the music of the stars
their reflections dance in the water tonight

I was mesmerized by your beauty
and the light that danced in your eyes
a reflection of wild fire from deep inside

I wildly cherished that light
when I had no knowledge about
the suffering it inflicted upon you

And if god should gaze upon the earth
from beyond the stars and the nebular clouds
our tiny lights would flicker across the boundless infinity
and reach him billions of years from now

I don't think you could understand
how you dragged me into your mind
and everything was floating inside

I barely dwelt there for an instant
in that spectral light that haunts you
and strange wounds came out of nowhere inside me

I never told you about the water
that rose up through the cracks
in the floorboards while I was making love to you

No, I never told you about the water
that filled up the apartment
and covered me while I was dreaming next to you


released February 9, 2013



all rights reserved


DROWNED SESSION Copenhagen, Denmark

Dark folk/rock
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